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People Are Talking

Slaughter House

Whiskies of the World - Gold Medal/Best in Class 2015

Slaughter House American Whiskey awarded a Gold Medal and Best in Class at the 2015 Whiskies of the World competition. Being recognized as a winner is an extremely prestigious accolade and one that many in the industry strives to obtain.
—Douglas Smith, Whiskies of the World

2016 Los Angeles International Spirits Competition
Gold Medal/Best in Class

Slaughter House American Whiskey awarded a Gold Medal and Best in Class at the 2016 Los Angeles International Spirits Competition

Distiller 91 pts

Highly Recommended The soft, roasty notes of the grain are very nicely complimented by bright fruit and sweet oak to create a highly enjoyable sipping whiskey.
—Jacob Grier

Louisville Bourbon Buzz

Tonight's buzz: Slaughter House American Whiskey

The profile is very intense in flavor. Immediately I pick up caramel, dry wine, butterscotch, honey and vanilla. The finish is smooth and heavy with caramel notes. I picked this up for $39.99. I may just have to go pick up another because this is a very good American Whiskey! If you are in the mood to try an excellent whiskey, hunt this one down!

The Booze Guru - your libation specialist

I could ramble on and on about how awesome this whiskey is. Hey, and it's not even Bourbon. But I'm going to refrain from all that and just say: Slaughter House is fantastic.

Straight Edge

Whiskies of the World - Silver Medal/Outstanding 2016

Straight Edge Bourbon Whiskey awarded a Silver Medal/Outstanding at the 2016 Whiskies of the World competition. - The enthusiasts resource for all things spirited

At we've reviewed and tasted a number of whiskeys and Bourbons finish used wine barrels; Straight Edge delivers one of the most complex to ever pass our palates.

2016 Los Angeles International Spirits Competition - Gold Metal

Straight Edge American Whiskey awarded a Gold Medal at the 2016 Los Angeles International Spirts Competition

Distiller 92 pts

Despite the barber's razor on the label, there are no sharp edges on this bourbon. With oak and vanilla on the nose, it's remarkably soft on the palate; moderately sweet, but backed by enough proof to provide a long, honeyed finish. Straight Edge is a delicious bourbon, on the softer side and without excessive oak, and highly enjoyable sipped neat.
—Jacob Grier

BOSS Magazine

America's Top 10 American Whiskeys
Aroma: Inviting nose of smoky wood and citrus fruits with a touch of caramelized sugar
Taste: A balanced silky mouthful of smoke and dried fruits with a slight hint of smooth, rich honey
Finish: A spicy extended finish.