About Us

At The Splinter Group we're dedicated to the Art of the Blend. Our spirits are artfully crafted, then blended and cask-finished under the guidance of renowned winemakers, Bob Cabral and Steve Matthiasson. Our distinctive technique of cask-finishing in experienced wine barrels lends our spirits a little something extra; more spice, supple texture, complexity, and – we think – more conviviality.

There is no such thing as bad whiskey. Some whiskies just happen to be better than others.
—William Faulkner

Our Creation Story

So harvest was winding down and we were hanging out, enjoying one or two or three cold ones, as winemakers tend to do when harvest is winding down. It’s an old winemaking joke that it takes a lot of beer to make great wine and there we were... Living the dream.

We got to talking about how fond we were of the fine brown spirits. Someone commented….wouldn’t it be funny if it took a lot of WINE to make great whiskey. Hilarious, right?

So being both intensely curious and insanely competitive (as winemakers tend to be), we set out to make the world’s greatest whiskey. Or at the very minimum, the greatest whiskey made by people who make great wine.

We used all our mad winemaking skills such as but not limited to: sourcing, tasting, arguing, blending, finding secret sources of water, arguing, getting maximum ROI on expensive French oak barrels, inventing crazy new uses for our winemaking techniques.

The result? Straight Edge Bourbon. And it SOLD OUT. Then we thought if we had a sold out Bourbon, we needed to create an American Whiskey. Slaughter House American Whiskey. SOLD OUT.

What else is up our sleeve? STAY TUNED.

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